Lifestyle Portrait Guide

Hello! I'm so excited for your session.

I created this guide just to answer any questions you may and get you prepared. These sessions are laid back and joy filled so don't feel overwhelmed! I've just included information to make you feel more at ease. I know pictures can be intimidating but I think my approach to taking photos in way that is an activity for the family, really helps to not only enjoy the photo experience but also the results.

A little about me...

I'm Chelsea! I've been a photographer for 11 years now and I truly love my job. Besides work, I am married to an Olympian (will brag forever), have three rescue chihuahuas, and am welcoming our son in September of 2024! I love to travel, read classic lit, and work in the yard. I'm extremely laid back and want everyone's session to feel the same. I can't wait to meet you.

What to wear...

I am not the type of photographer to really ask for certain clothing or colors. I think whatever you feel good in is what will make your photos turn out the best! That being said, if you're looking to coordinate or have a cohesive look, I always suggest picking one color and building neutrals around it. Like the example I provided, the kids are shades of green and the parents picked supporting neutrals. It makes it all come together without being too matching! If you need any outfit help, please reach out!


 The start time of your session is determined by the sunset time. I like to shoot 2-3 hours before sunset for bright photos. In the summer this may be 6/7pm but in the spring in fall it could be as early as 3/4pm. The reason for these times is crucial to the outcome of your photos.

The session themselves are never longer than an hour. With small kids we might shoot for a half hour! My goal is not the amount of time we shoot, but the quality. I follow the vibe of everyone's moods and try not to overstay my welcome. This always ensures the photo experience is not exhausting!

Real not perfect...

When it comes to the mood of your session, I ideally want it to be relaxed with no expectations. The kids don't have to be perfectly still and smiling, you don't need to prepare your partner on what to do or how to smile, you just have to show up and be excited to spend time with your loved ones. Many people are intimidated by photos because they think they will be stiff and they won't know what to do- this will never be the case with me. We want just walk through a field together, if the baby needs fed- we do that! I will always include some posed photos that are classic but mostly I want to just capture the moment and the moment should not be stressful.


What is the turnaround time?

Photos are returned within two weeks! I usually post a preview on instagram while I'm working on them so make sure you follow me to see that as well.

When should I arrive?

It is always good to be a little early in case of parking or traffic so that this doesn't eat into your session time. I always ask clients to text me when they arrive!

How do I pay?

You will be sent an invoice before you session where you can pay card or venmo. You can also pay cash in person.

How do I choose a location?

I have so many locations that I love! You can either tell me the kind of look you are going for and I can make suggestions or you can look at my instagram/website for places I normally shoot to see what you like.

What about bad weather?

Poor weather is inevitable in the photo business. I always want my photos to be outdoors and sunny unless we have chosen to do an in home session. That being said, I try to wait until the night before the shoot or morning of to make a final call about bad weather. If you have appointments or any reason you can't wait that long, let me know and we can make a choice sooner. I do everything in my power to get a session done because my reserved rain out days are usually weekdays and that doesn't work for everyone. That being said, sometimes rescheduling is a must and we will do everything we can to make it work with our schedules!

Recent Sessions...

if you have any other questions about your session, let me know down below!

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