Hi, I’m Chelsea, a company owner, brand creator, & entrepreneur

i am here to help you build your own lasting legacy

10 year ago I graduated college with a degree I didn't want to use, a little student loan money left over, and an idea for a company. I spent the loan money on my first gear and spent all my time learning, shadowing, and building a successful photography brand. I took a college business course and made a lot of mistakes along the way but all this time later I am confident that I can save other women the hassle and hardship by teaching them directly what it takes to build something meaningful and successful.


What is the program?

I'm offering one on one business mentoring. It comprises of an initial phone call or in person meeting where we will map out a business plan and road map for you. From there we will pick an area to focus on such as taxes, marketing, getting more clients, increasing income, etc! After this inital meeting you will have a months work of homework with 2 check ins.

How much of a time investment is it?

The first call/meeting will be 1-2 hours. From there your homework is at your own pace. Check ins will be either text or call!

what is the investment

$250 per month. You can choose to do just one month or continue with the program choosing a new focus per month. Each month you do the program you will get the initial 1-2 hour call, a month worth of homework, and the two check ins!

can anyone do the program?

I will only be accepting a few clients so that they can get my full attention on top of running my own business! I will select the clients I think I can help the most.

When does the program start?

The first cycle will start in December


Katie Statema

I started mentoring with Chelsea in 2019. I was just starting my business and had no idea where to begin. I was so nervous I almost canceled the day before! It was a year long mentorship that has turned into 4 years and counting. Once you’re on Chelseas radar she more than happy to help when it comes to anything in life. Being able to ask someone anything without judgment and having someone with such a supportive nature, in any area of life is so special. I’m truly so grateful.