Hello & Welcome!

Hello!! My name is Chelsea, lead photographer and owner of Carbonell Photography. I am an old soul and a lover of laughter. I am married to the man of my dreams and his career in MLB has taken us all over the country. During our travels we rescued two dogs, Buster and Oscar, and they are truly the light in my life. I am fiercely devoted to all animals however and live a vegan/cruelty free life style! I mostly teach yoga and read when I'm not behind the camera. I know three things to be true: montana is where the heart is, shoes are never necessary, and only kindness matters in the end. 

Other Tidbits

Carbonell Photography started in 2013 as a fashion photography brand. I was highly interested in the field and learned under some incrediable photographers. I was even named one of top emerging photographers of 2014 by Lemonade and Lenses magazine!

In 2015 I was hired to shoot and produce for Victoria Secret. I learned A LOT and had an amazing time but realized a corporate setting was not for me. I took everything I learned in fashion and decided to make something unique.

2016 I launched a senior & wedding photography brand built on the editorial and natural model vibe that attracted me to fashion in the first place. I wanted to give everyone the chance to experience what models do; being and feeling beautiful without a lot of makeup or fluff. Which is where the 'wild and free' part of my brand came from. I strive to capture true personality in an editorial yet candid fashion! If this sounds like your style, lets chat!

These are a few of my favorite things

Cruelty free food & products

Pour over coffee

A good book


Indie folk music

Big sky country